Sues Theory on
Dimension and Time
(Note: If you wish to read how this theory is applied to my gaming world click here.)

   Since many of my game worlds cross over into one another, I thought that I'd write up the premise of dimension and time that I use in them. Keep in mind this
theory as far as I can tell is fanciful. Also keep in mind I'm not using the term dimension to refer to spatial dimensions, but to alternate realities.

I'm not quite sure where to start so I'll start with time..
Time is linear like a string, but a string made of many points. Each point is a decision made by some one, and the series of decisions made gives us the past.
Therefore the past is always certain, and the future can be determined only as a series of possible choices.
     Dimensions are a product of time. They happen because the various decisions give various futures. The further you get away from the initial decision the
more a dimension can spin off on a completely different course.

   Theoretically each of us can only ever travel one path through a set of decisions, therefore each individual lives in his own dimension based on the decisions they
have made in the past. An interesting note is that an individual's past narrows to only one line. Another note is that many divergent choices will also lead a person
back to the same now.
   If you think about the basic model of time and dimension you can see why the future is particularly unpredictable. If you look at a series of actions, the number of
decisions that both trigger and are required to complete an action, a future event becomes  quickly impossible to accurately predict. This also can explain why the
weather man has a better next day forecast then he does a five day forecast - and he's got wind flow patterns to help him.
   It's interesting to consider the possibilities of moving by jumping backwards on the line that is time or jumping vertically up and down the lines of dimension.
Which would give either time travel (horizontal movement) or dimensional travel (vertical movement). For more discussion on this see my explanations of magic,
psionics, time travel and dimensional travel on my gaming pages.