Magic and Psionics in Sues Games

     Various types of magic and psionics in my gaming worlds are powered by different but related forms of energy. Each form of magic and psionics has a different wave profile, and occasionally these profiles overlap. At the overlap points the effects of magic and psionics are similar; for example, waveforms of a magical healer and a psionic healer would highly overlap

     The various types of magic are highly based on culture, and can work by various rules. Therefore (in GURPs speak), the ritual magic system, the standard magic system, and other magic systems can potentially all exist in a dimension or time.
     Magic is found both with in a person and from a given area. Certain forms of magic use energy  from within a person, other forms of magic are drawn from the area through the person. Generally speaking there is usually very little difference between the energy drawn from a person directly or that drawn through a person - it all costs the same amount of fatigue. However, if an area has little magic (i.e.: a low mana zone) a mage who knows how to draw his power from within can still do magic. Usually, this form of magic is called blood magic, and allows the mage to draw mana from other living creature as well as himself. It carries with it a taint that can be felt by other mages, and is generally considered impure.
     The magic found in any given world/dimension can be variable. It's levels may be affected by any number of natural or unnatural phenomena, such as pollution, nuclear explosions, old forests, rare  magical items, etc.


     Time is linear like a string, but a string made of many points. Each point is a decision made by some one, and the series of decisions made gives us the past. Therefore the past is always certain, and the future can be determined only as a series of possible choices. 

      A Time traveler can move backwards (horizontally) through his historical timeline, but he can not move forward, unless he has a clear vision of the future (which is not really ever possible). Also contacting yourself during the past will cause a loop in your reality which you cannot escape from, and the future you will cease to exist. Once you leave a point in time and travel back if you go back to the point you left you can resume living your future, as if you had never left.

      Immortals who time travel tend to live distinct sets of live throughout history, as opposed to bouncing back and forth. Many of them also keep hidden journals in one place that they will try to access at some point in their stay in a particular time, so that they know where and when they've been & what areas of history are left for them to go. If they ever manage to live through all the possible times (granted usually not in order), the only place the have to go is back to their initial life & their ability to travel backwards is severely hampered.  Occasionally some immortals can envision a clear enough future so that they can move ahead, but this is a rare occurrence, and can only happen to an individual who possess' both the ability to time-travel and precognition or dimensional-travel. When it occurs, these individuals (who usually observe immediate events more clearly then those further away) can develop the ability to never be hit, via micro-time-port. 


      Dimensions are a product of time. They happen because the various decisions give various futures. The further you get away from the initial decision the more a dimension can spin off on a completely different course. 



     Theoretically each of us can only ever travel one path through a set of decisions, therefore each individual lives in his own dimension based on the decisions they have made in the past. An interesting note is that an individual's past narrows to only one line. Another note is that many divergent choices will also lead a person back to the same now.
     If you think about the basic model of time and dimension you can see why the future is particularly unpredictable. If you look at a series of actions, the number of decisions that both trigger and are required to complete an action, a future event becomes  quickly impossible to accurately predict. This also can explain why the weather man has a better next day forecast then he does a five day forecast - and he's got wind flow patterns to help him.

     Dimensional travel is the ability to move vertically through decision points to other worlds where decisions have given radically different futures, or to near ones that alter the future slightly. For the most part a dimensional traveler initially contacts themselves during the first instance of dimensional travel  and becomes a the unique in all the dimensions (which will cause a convergence of the near by dimensions). 

   If an individual can both dimensional travel and time travel, they can move backwards through the web of decisions to various dimensions and pasts. Many of them can also perceive the web of decisions so that they can get back to where they were. This also gives them the ability to see when other dimensional travelers have occurred (by seeing the dimensional convergences). No so surprisingly they are also the people who usually develop the ability to predict the future - These very scary folks (game wise), and should never be allowed as player characters.

      Magical Races in my games tend not to be to specific (sort of like humans individuals of a race come in a wide range). The common races encountered in my gaming worlds are:

Fae (includes elves)
Spirit Guides
Shape Changers