The Fae are an innately magical race. They require mana to survive, but when they are starved for it they will lapse into what they call the dreaming. The dreaming is a state where they can not remember their past or what they are. cycles of dreaming last for about thirty years. During a cycle a Fae will slowly gain mana from being either around creative people or communing with nature... as they gain mana they gain memory, and the ability to access their old skills and magical abilities. They also start to look more like Fae and less like humans. By the end of the thirty year cycle if there is not enough magic on the world to sustain them they will suffer a form of mental break, and  be found wandering with no knowledge of who or what they are. Since they are immortal and can not die, if they sustain enough damage to kill a mortal they will drop into a coma and (assuming they are not cremated) if buried they will wake with amnesia in a new place, starting over on the next thirty year cycle.

     If there is enough mana to sustain a Fae, or if they Fae has access to the power to steal mana from other people or places, they will not fall into the dreaming, and they can use their glamour to remain human looking.  

      Fae can travel dimension, but most Fae will not willingly enter a realm that has no mana. Occasionally the Fae will use manaless realms as a jail for those who have committed some grievous crime, or they come to those realms for love to live and die as mortals - however, many of these will keep some sort of magical token that holds enough power for them to travel back to their own world when their love dies or they can not bear their mortal lives anymore. (eg: Silkie skins). There are multitudes of other reasons to occasionally find a Fae in manaless realms (thrill seekers, accidents, vengeance, searching for a Fae that has slipped into the dreaming) but they are certainly not common, and will try to keep their magic secret and unused so they may return home. Generally speaking those who have slipped into the dreaming are looked upon by awake Fae with suspicion. Either they are criminals, careless, or unlucky; each are things that most Fae won't acknowledge their race of being capable of.

Prices to play a Fae (120 points)
   Realm travel (only to fae dimensions -20%, must be able to move -10%, must use an entrance way or a reflective surface to travel - 20%) 50 points
   Memory (as per GURPs Cabal racial memory) - memory of own life time worth of skills, usable actively. Roll vs IQ to use any skill, ritual, or magical spell you reasonably have learned in the past. 50 points
  Sense Fae - the ability to sense other fae around you. 5 points
  Fae Magical Aptitude (level 1) - 15 points

Price to play a Fae at the beginning of a Dream Cycle (0 points)
  Fae (120 points)
  Complete amnesia - can't remember any skills or magic. -100 points.
  Only 30 years until you reset to another cycle. -20 points.

For starting Fae charcters later into the dreaming (0 points)
Each year after the start of the dreaming cycle
  Choose 4 points towards the price of playing an awake fae
  Replace Amnesia with: 
      Points per year of dreaming
      -1 Flash backs
      -1 Unnatural features
      -1 X years closer to returning to the dream
      -1 Other disadvantages appropriate to returned memories (enemies, phobias, etc)

For playing Fae characters
     If a player has not put four points per gaming year towards buying off his amnesia then four points of the amnesia will be replaced by four points of dreaming disadvantages above. Players may, if they wish, buy off the dreaming faster then four points per year, but the character must be seen to be actively trying to remember his past.

Fae only Skill
    Glamour (MH) - roll on skill to manipulate what people perceive of you (and can be used to make you pseudo invisible - others must make a will by the amount you made your glamour skill by to notice you, or their eyes just slip pat you. Your normal aspect can convey a subliminal impression that you wish to give people. At IQ +1 level of skill you may gain a +1 reaction modifier, if you wish ; at IQ +2 level of skill you can gain a +2 reaction modifier; at IQ +3 a +3 modifier etc. This skill is also used to hide any unusual features and convey a mundane facade.