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     As you can tell from the title page my hobbies are the SCA and Gaming. In real life though I work as a plant genetic engineering tech for the Alberta Research Council. I live on an acreage (Cat Wood Estate) with two cats - Vladd and Lady Renfield. I spend most of my free time (what little I have) running around to SCA events, traveling the four hours it takes to get to where my original gaming group lives (in Calgary/Gleichan), or the one hour it takes to my newest gaming group (Edmonton). To top it all off I've managed to start work on a Masters degree at the U of A based on the work I'm doing at ARC. Sleep is optional. 
     As you can tell, if you've looked at my gaming pages - I run GURPs games most often, I find it accommodates my game worlds best. I play most role-playing games when I have a chance (which is fairly rare now-a-days).
     I am irregularly active on the GURPsnet list, and have been trying to write up a set of the poison house rules to make their poison rules more realistic. I come by my interest in poisons honestly, I spent a work term trying to determine the chemical hazards present in the jewelry industry and suggesting safety improvements. Needless to say the interest stuck. One of these days maybe I'll post the GURPs house rules I've written up. Recently I've been helping to playtest some of their 4th edition material - Space and Biotech (Whee!). It's been an enjoyable experience and I've learned a lot.
     My SCA life is hyperactive - I was the bardic officer for the principality of Avacal and I'm still helping with the Avacal Bards Website and with other bardic activities in the principality, and I also have been making ovens and kilns at the Quad War site. This is the bread oven that I helped Roger du Pont make in 2002. Pictures of the pottery from the lean-to-kiln we made in 2003 are on this site (http://www.katarynas.net/KilnProject/QuadWarKilnProject.html). In 2004 I started the building of a salt kin with Shelia Horon's help, it was completed that year but was not fired. 2005 despite that best plans... the weather did not cooperate, and we hope to fire it in 2006. If you want to help with these projects, or with the maintenance of the bread oven, please contact me at my email.
     I am part of household Totoro - No I'm not a Lemming I just hang around them way to much.J
     I also play flute (and have since Junior high, which was murmle-murmle-murmle-20years-cough-cough- murmle ago). I used to play piano, and then I moved out from home and couldn't take the piano with me. I also filk incessantly.
     I think I've babbled about "The Sue" enough so I'll stop now.