Kataryna's Ukrainian/Rus Costume Research



The iconostasis from Church of St. Paraskeva Pianytsia in L'viv  the relevant portion is depicted on the left (the black and white picture) is considered to be from the late 16th to early 17th century (possibly 1607) but the date is debated. ("Treasures of Early Ukrainian Art, Religious Art of The 16th-18th Centuries" by Stefania Hntenko, The Ukrainian Museum, New York, 1989, p15).

The colour picture on the right is from "Istori┤i`a ukra´nsĺkoho kost┤i`uma (History of Ukrainian Costume)" by Nikola┤i`eva, T. O. (Tamara Oleksandrivna), Ky´v : "Lybidĺ", 1996, pg 97.

I suspect that this is the period picture that was used, at least in part, for the drawing. I know someone on the SIG group asked about the green vest like piece on the drawing and if there was any period source for it. I think the picture on the right is the source.


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