Kataryna's Ukrainian/Rus Costume Research


Have you ever felt that you have started a impossible SCA Research Project?

   That would be my attempts to find some solid documentation on Ukrainian clothing in medieval times. The first problem I encountered was the idea that the clothing of the Ukraine was the same as that in medieval Russia... well maybe - but... and I have no evidence what-so-ever to back this doubt up (aside from a gut feeling) ... I don't think so.

I think I should make this clear I really have nothing against the "Russian-o-centric" view of Medieval Rus history, or the way the average SCA person thinks Rus means both Russian and Ukrainian and a host of other cultures, or Rus clothing as meaning from Novgorod finds... tho I'm sure some folks think I do.
I welcome any information I can get on the topic of Slavic clothing. However, my interest lies in looking at the pre-1650 history and clothing of the area that is the current Ukraine. To do a proper study of that I need to examine what the Ukrainian texts on the topic say and compare/contrast them to the Russian, Polish, and other texts from the area. Of course this means I am very particular of where the archaeological finds are from; and I have no desire to lump them all under the title of Rus. Basically, I'm looking for Ukrainian area pictures or other physical evidence of clothing so I can put them beside the Novgorod, the Polish, etc, clothing of the time and say "what's different". To that end I am slowly compiling a number of sources to enable me to do that.

    Clearly I haven't updated this is a long while. I've had a bunch of progress in the last year or so, thanks mainly to a local translator that Dragoslava found for me.

I finally received a copy of a translation of a Ukrainian Historical Costuming book I've been trying to get done for the last.... many years:
Translation of Tamara Oleksandrivna NikolaŽi`eva's "IstoriŽi`a ukraïns’koho kostŽi`uma (Historical Ukrainian Costume)" pg 31 to 39.

I also managed to stumble across and scan the period source for a picture from one of the Ukrainian Historical clothing books I had posted a number of years ago:
Comparison of Nativity of the Virgin Detail on iconostasis from Church of St. Paraskeva Pianytsia in L'viv to T. O. NikolaŽi`eva's "IstoriŽi`a ukraïns’koho kostŽi`uma (History of Ukrainian Costume)" pg 97.

And Finally a listing of the books on the topic.
SCA Period Ukrainian-o-centric Historical Clothing Book List

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