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    In the SCA, I was the principality bardic officer for Avacal in AnTir from 2002 until 2006. So I maintained the Avacal Bards Website, which seems to have come down with problems recently (in the last month or so). The website is intended to be a learning resource for bards of Avacal and anyone else interested in either SCA or SCA period music. By SCA music I'm speaking of SCAdian Filks, and songs that are commonly sung (which includes a number of traditional folk songs). SCA Period music is anything written before 1600ish.

   Currently until I can sort out the issues the site is having I'm going to move some to the pages and such here.

   The old demo instrument pictures are here - Bardic files page - these are meant as little info sheets or posters for use with a demo table that discusses period instruments.

    If you are looking for the Avacal bards book - it has an on-line site (in the Avacal Bards Website (the link takes you to the bards book table of contents)); or you can go here - Bardic files page to get it. 
    The Avacal Bardic Book is a book of commonly loved and sung songs heard in Avacal and beyond. Some of the songs are collected from things I've heard at various events. Others are collected from postings to various SCA mailing lists, still others are sent to me, and finally some are from answers given in a questionnaire. The questionnaire that I use to help make the Avacal bardic book, is here. Please fill it out and email it back to me - that way the book can keep growing. Ditto with any corrections, requests, additions or deletions.

    As I said in my other introduction - I play flute and fife, I filk, and I sing (albeit more enthusiastically then well). I used to play the piano, and I hope to learn fiddle and guitar when I can find both the time and a teacher in the same place. I also love collecting new songs. Below are bits of my personal song book, some flute tunes I wrote, music links and other random assorted stuff that catches my fancy (but for some reason isn't in the Avacal Bards Site)....


 Pages In Progress
Kataryna's Song Book & Flute Tunes
Kataryna's Look at Ukrainian Music (Trad. & Period)
Kataryna's Music Links
Sue's Mundane musical stuff