Dragoslava Vladislasa doch


Slava's Ukrainian/Rus Clothing.

Kievian Rus Underdress - Baronial A&S Entry
Kievian Rus Hat - Baronial A&S Entry
Rus Ozherlya (Collar) - Baronial A&S Entry
Slava's Garb
Slava's Hats

Dragoslava's Jewelry

Lunitsa - Baronial A&S Entry

Dragoslava's Pottery

13th Century British (Laverstock) Mug - Baronial A&S Entry
The Making of a Laqabi Plate
Laquabi Peacock Plate - Baronial A&S Entry
Slava's Merchant Table
Slava's Studio

Contact Slava

To Contact Slava regarding commissions email or snail mail her using a subject line "Merchant Slava" at 5922 52st, Vegreville. Alberta, Canada, T9C 1J1
ss horon at hotmail . com remove the spaces and replace the at.