The Quad War Salt Kiln
.                                  So after the pit kiln was such a success I found myself the next January saying to Dragoslava (one of the Avacalian potters) "We should build a salt kiln - how hard can it be?". Dragoslava, being much wiser then I just smiled and said "I think that would be a great idea why don't you do that." Then she handed me a book on kilns....So in May I found myself buying bricks and reading. The site didn't dry enough until mid June for us to get in there, but eventually the day came and Dragoslava and I went out in a rented truck with a load of bricks and my notes. We built the kiln but realized my plans for the roof involved having to cut the bricks. We managed to get the roof up as a trial using wedges of small stones and such, but decided that it wouldn't do for firing. So I took the bricks for the roof home and spent the next week before Quad War cutting them to size so that the roof would fit. I got them done and to the site the first day of quad.... and promptly realized that the roof pushed the walls of the kiln out to much to be stable. So..... scratch the plans to fire the kiln that weekend - luckily the group that fired the pit kiln helped out. Especially a couple of ladies from BC who's trailer had broken down - they let us use pieces of the trailer to build a brace for the walls. We managed to get the roof up and then the rain came down - and down... and we never managed to fire the kiln. The last year we were supposed to fire and were washed out... I can't wait until this year. Hopefully I'll manage to fire the thing and it will hold.

Medieval Spanish Luster Kiln. Image from Kilns by Daniel Rhodes

Rennaisance Italian Kiln. Image from Kilns by Daniel Rhodes

Open Top Updraft Kiln. Image from Kilns by Daniel Rhodes

The Quad War Castle from the Salt Kiln

Building materials for the kiln

 Dragoslava digging a site for the salt kiln

Leveling the first bricks

The first layers of bricks

 Me standing in the site of the salt kiln

First layers

Setting up the stand for the shelf that separates the fire box from the pottery

 Measuring the height of the shelf

Starting to look like a kiln

The stand for the shelf 

 From the front

Placing the shelf

Wooden braces for the roof

 About the 10th try to make the roof stay

Using pebbles to wedge the roof so it stays up

Brick used as center pin

Next Year....

Pictures of wood fired salt glazed pottery to come....

 Pebble Wedge