The Great Quad War Kiln Project
For the last three years I have managed to convince either Isabel the potter or Dragoslava to help me build Kilns at the Quad War site. The first kiln I built was 3 years ago (one year after the Oven was built).The Site crew who had a small bulldozer and I asked the crew for a pit - but got someting a bit different; which was okay since it meant I didn't have to dig this part. The crew also kindly gave us a huge wood pile from the brush they cleared. Then during Quad War weekend Isabel the potter and I constructed a lean-to kiln in the "pit". We place the bisqued pottery in straw, kindling, and cow dung (a excellent subsitute for peat). Then we over lay the pile with Green (newly cut) poplar trees that are a few inches is diameter - Thanks to Master Valgard and his wonderful chainsaw for cutting us the 8 trees we used. (These trees grow like weeds on the site - so no worries about using them up).  We use the trees instead of a metal cover to hold the heat into the "pit". Then we light the pit and make sure the fire burns all day. We let it burn itself out and cool overnight. This usually takes a group of us. The next morning we pull the mugs out of the pit. They usually are white but many come out with really nice flashing and marks from changes in heat during the fireing. We've managed to fire the pit for two years - the other year was a washout, it didn't stop raining.

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Schematic of the lean-to kiln
View of the "Pit"
Close up of the "pit"
Cup fired in the pit kiln