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          I've been running this fantasy game for over ten years. Yes you heard that right - 10 years, and my players are still asking for more (but they're nuts). Over the years I have lost old players and added new ones, every one has changed characters at least once and for some people up to four times. We have a place on Yahoo groups - mostly to discuss gaming things and post files. Sadly I am now about four hours away from my core group so we are gaming about once a month.

        Caledon is a high fantasy game based very loosely in Celtic myths/ideas (but really has very little to do with them). It has run with 3 specific sets of characters and three slightly different but related times The characters from the first game are patrons and mentors to those in the second game. All the characters in the first two games work for the High Lord of Caledon. The third game occurs 200 years later, and the characters are all part of the court of the King of Gwydia..

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      200 years ago the lands of Caledon seceded from Albion. Ever since that time Albion has been trying to regain it's lost lands. Caledon, which has a radically different social system, has been fighting to retain it's independence. The most recent ruling family on the Albion thrones has started using blood magic and bound demons to take much of the Caledonian lands. The Caledonians have been staging a valiant but slowly crumbling fight, and with the recent death of their High Lord  it seems there are traitor's in their midst - Thus begins the first Caledon Game....

     The second Caledon game occurs after the mist veil that separated Caledon and Albion from countries to the south falls. The marriage of the High Lord of Caledon to the Crown Princess of Gwydion cements a strong alliance which allows Caledon to regain it's lost territory from the Albions.  

    100 years after the second Caledon game the invasion of Albion by the Eastern Empire pushes the mages of Caledon, Albion, and Gwydion to band together to protect their lands. At a stronghold in Morrair they come up with a desperate plan to erect a barrier between them and the oncoming army. They cast a spell which tears a giant rift along eastern edge of Gwydion and Caledon. The rift allows the ocean to pour in between the two lands and effectively destroys the eastern army. The amount of magic used in the spell causes the magic of the land to fall away.... the magical beasts slowly fall into the dreaming, and the mages slowly die off. 100 years later Caledon, Gwydion, and Albion are ruled by one king, but tensions are  stirring. The Caledonian clans are slowly asserting their independence, the Albions feel their king is to distant, and the near by countries feel the lands are ripe for the picking...

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