Time Line

Relative Date





Ancient Empire – Fortresses built


Ancient Empire - The city Ruc built


Ancient Empire – The ancient temple in the mountian south of Caledon is built


Ancient Empire – Fall of the empire, Western Fortess’ abandon and Ruc abandon


Callum born in the Stewart Lands of Caledon



Albion Ruled by the Dark Lords



Albion destroys the ancient temple south of Caledon and the monks living there



Albion army marches on Gwydion



Caledon rises in revolt. Callum becomes the first Overlord’s hound. Marcus Stewart becomes the first Overlord. Initial Caledonian Clans: Highlands/Ruc, Rothsay, Camber, Black, Lakelands, Kular, Shetland, Erins, Mackenzy, Stewart, Sar, Borders, Dernith, Mardin

Gwedion raises northern wall of magic


Albion withdraws from war with Gwedion to deal with internal situation



Caledon army gains and holds the area it considers their homeland

Albion sues for piece



Caledon sends a delegation to sign the peace treaty in Albion

Albion Crown betrays and kills the Caledonian delegation. Callum curses the throne of Albion before his death.



Baines created to study the curse and fight the demons related to it




Years of war (200)




Malcom Stewart I becomes Caledonian Overlord. Insists that his hounds join the Black Guard.




Malcom I put into law the tradition of burning all Caledonian dead and leaving no soldiers on the battlefields.

Albion raises the army of the dead



Malcom I marries Lyra Erins, later that year twins Sheldon and Chulainn are born



226 Flora is born to Malcom I and Lyra.    
228 Elsa is born to Malcom I and Lyra    
229 Lyra Erins is killed during what has become to be known as the March of the Dead that occurs late every spring when Albion is able to re-invade Caledon, penetrating deep into the countryside.     
234 Malcom meets Keera Douglas, he marries her later that year.    
235 Carrington is born to Malcom I and Keera    


Malcom’s troops destroy the army with the help of Alexander Black (Head of the Black Guard), Bridget Douglas (Head of the Druids – Mother aspect), and Seth Morriar (Second in command of the Baines).





Davis hold taken over Caelyn, Nat, and Cera escape fleeing to Stewart. Caelyn and Sheldon meet




Albion starts taking over abandon fortress’ slaughtering their guardians to gain power



Caelyn meets Justin and Pol at central fortress. Pol and Justin agree to train her in fighting and the use of her powers.




Various combined groups head out of Stewart to regain the fortresses. Caelyn, Sheldon Nat, Kara and Marion in one group go to Gate Fortress; Malcom I leads another one to Central Fortress. Caelyn and Sheldon captured by Albions. Caelyn meets Merid Cornwall, an Albion Preist, and Cannon, a rebellion mage. Albion rebels start a fight with the military unit holding the fortress, causing a distraction allowing Caelyn and Sheldon to escape into the fortress. Caelyn manages to wake the guardian, Silvana. With the help of the fairies, Caelyn, Sheldon, and Silvana disrupt the ritual to corrupt the fortress and the Albions in the fortess are killed. The remaining Albions flee. Merid Cornwall swears to kill all those involved in his defeat. Sheldon, Caelyn, and the rest of the party return to Stewart.

 Albion manages to take over central fortress in Stewart Clan Lands.



Upon Caelyn’s return to Stewart they find out that Malcom I has been killed. Keera Stewart gives birth to Malcom II.




Caelyn finds that Pol died in the last raid and that Cannon was taken on as Central fortress’ guardian.




Alana starts having dreams of the Overlord’s soul being trapped. She convinces Sidhe to accompany her to a fortress to release him. They find a pit and fight the demon to release the Overlord’s soul. Sidhe is cursed to the form of an ice wolf except on days of the full moon, when he regains his human form.  




Lord Manx, Baine and Lord of Moore is elected as Overlord by the Council of Lords. His main supporters are the Baines, Erins, Durham, Mardin, Moore, Warlord Donald Bucannan, and many of the small holdings in Morriar.



242 Caelyn and Sheldon become warriors of the goddess. They embark on a quest, which leads them to the heart of Albion. An unknown force destroys a series of major cursed items; which tied the various Albion deities to the curse on the throne.   


Alanna, Sidhe, Caelyn, and Sheldon, are sent to investigate a possible traitor in the Southeastern holds. They meet Tal, Peter, Leetah and Derek at the front and recruit them into helping in the investigation. They find the corruption goes farther that those in the southern hold.




The party, while on the way to Morriar to follow a lead stop in Boarders Hold. While they are there William is found in the hold's circle where all four of the characters are. Baine Tal and the others are given the responsibility for bringing Willam to Stewart Hold.

Albion pushes far enough into Caledon for the Council of Lords to be moved from Stewart Hold to the city of Ruc.


243/244 The party is sent to the front, and two major battles collectively called the Battle of Magnus is fought and much of the Albion army is pushed back significantly. Myra joins the party.    
244 The party is sent to remove Merid Cornwall who's troop have taken over a mountain in the south and are raising a demon. The party succeeds in destroying the demon but Merid escapes. Peter is lost, and half of the party disappears. Derek, Allen, and William are the only ones to return with the news that the rest are dead. The three of them go into hiding in Central Fortress. The rest of the party makes their way back over the next year, with the exception of Sheldon. William writes his popular history of the Order of Magnus. As well as two other books (a prayer book to the Mother Goddess and a ?alchemy? book)    


The party finally returns to Ruc with information that Overlord Manx, Seth Morriar (current second in command of the Baines), and a number of Baines are traitors. To protest Manx's leadership the Baines stepped down en masse before the traitors were publicly caught and punished. Before the Council of Lords is convened in Ruc City there are a number of Baines assassinated, Albion demons are caught and banished, Seth Morriar is caught and tried as the mage behind the deaths. When the Council of Lords is convened the evidence is brought forth and Manx reveals himself to be a demon, and is killed.



245 The overlords council elects Chulainn, Sheldon’s twin brother, to the position of Overlord Albion mounts a major offensive.  


William the Smith forges a magical sword for Chulainn by the name of Magnus to commemorate the battles that occurred just before Manx was removed from his position..




The sword is presented to Chulainn when he steps up as overlord. William's book about  the party's exploits becomes popular and they become known as the Order of Magnus.




Caelyn finds that Sheldon is alive to the far south of Caledon, and ask permission from Chulainn to go in search of him.




Leetah and Derek find tower and Summer fortress based on historical information found by Cannon and Justin. They choose to stay in Summer Fortress, and raise Leetah's two daughters.


Caelyn, Allen, and Sheldon sail south around the southern barrier and land in Gwydion. They along with a group of Gwydians determine a way to bring down the southern border. Allen decides to remain in Gwedion


Alanna and Sidhe marry




Alanna and Sidhe’s first child is born




While pursued by Merid Cornwall; the order is given refuge by Regent of Autumn fortress. The order meets Regants wife and his son (Arthos, born that winter).




Chulainn travels to Gwydion and meets Maria.




Smith clan lands are bequeathed to the order, William builds the first holding there.




The Order of Magnus saves Regant and Arthos from Prince Francis’ demons. They spend time cleaning Summer Fortress of demonic taint. Regant and Caelyn discuss the possibility of Arthos breaking the curse.




Sheldon and Caelyn are given the traders hold on the broaders of Gwydion and Caledon in the Stewart Clan Lands.




Dana hold started by Alanna and Sidhe in Smith Clan Lands




William and Marian; and Caelyn and Sheldon Marry. Sebastian, the lord of cats, brings Peters soul trapped in gem as a gift. The second generation of the order is charged with the task of retrieving Peter’s body from the Faerie lands.




Chulainn and Maria Marry



253     Tye is born


Malcom II starts a school of combat based on an ancient Caledonian tradition (specializes in bodyguard type training) – the Overlords Hounds are revived.






Marrina is born



Carrington Stewart becomes Lord of Stewart hold

Mertis is born


Chulainn dies with Tal, Derek, and Leetah during a major Albion offensive

Regent brings Arthos to Palace city and introduces him to Albion court



Austral Black is elected as Overlord


Crown Prince Jordan dies, Tye is confirmed as Crown Prince of Gwydion


Malcom II, Alanna, and Bridget die while breaking the curse on the Albion throne.

Arthos is crowned King of Albion in the spring (age 16)



Austral signs peace treaty with Arthos.




Current game


Tye makes trip to Caledon as Gwydion Crown Prince










William and Justin leave Caledon




The Great Rending


Caledon New Generation Game


Caledon 2020