Caledon Non-Player Characters

Caledon a GURPs Fantasy Game

Original Caledon (Games 1 and 2)

Malcom Stewart I - Old Overlord of Caledon, Fey, adopted by clan Stewart, father - via Lyra: Flora, Katerine, Elsa, Sheldon, Chulainn; via Keeria: Carrington, and Malcom


Keera Stewart (Lady Baine) - nee Erins (Lady Baine), Baine and Druid, Malcom (I)'s second wife, Mother of Carrington and Malcom (II), Bridget's sister
Sidhe Dana
Sheldon Stewart
Chulainn Stewart - Overlord of Caledon, Son of Malcom (I) and Married to Maria (Princess of Gwydion)(fraternal twin to Sheldon)
Derek Reid - Black Guard, Leetah's second husband
Justin - Black Dragon (Unusually Small Size), Red Eyes, Human form ~5'9", Long Black Hair, Red Eyes, Muscular but slim build,Fortress Chatelaine,Cannon's Chatelaine and before that Pol's Chatelaine
Cannon Ramsey - Guardian of Central Fortress, Ex-Albion Mage, Part of the resistance, part of a sect of Albion Mother worshipers (His wife's origional religion)
Merid Cornwall
Bridget Durham - nee Erins, Head Druid, Elder Sister of Malcom's (I) first wife, Marian's mother.
Marrian Black
Martin Skye
Nat Avalon
Cara McIssac - Lady of the Evening/Black Guard, Lives in Ruc, Nat's Lady, good friends with Brodie, Caelyn's Sister
Regent Montane
Carrington Stewart - Second youngest son of Malcom (I) and Keera, can charm & speak to all animals, grew up in Ruc and then in Gwydion
Malcom Stewart II - Overlord's Hound
Camden Ruc (Lord Ruc)- Lord of Ruc Hold and Ruc Clan Lands, Head of the Baines, Never gave up his position as a Baine (Due to his position)
Alexander Black (Lord Black) - Lord of Black Hold and Clan Lands, Head of the Black Guard, Father of Austral, Bridget's first lover, Foster father to Chulainn, Goddess Marked
Seth Morrair
Robert Hadrien
Rand Morrair (Lord Morrair)
Owen Manx (Lord Manx)
Sable Manx (Lady Sable)
Aidan Beran
Liamm Camber
Adam Mull (General - traitorous)
Giddeon Russell
Brodie Scott - Baine Assassian & deep cover opperative Never gave up his position as a baine (wasn't there when the order was disbanded)
Cevar Makenzy (Lord Makenzy)
Gearid Ruc
Austral Black - Combat Druid, Eldest Son of Lord Black and Bridget (Head Druid). Elder half brother to Marian.
Arthur Montane
Maria Marcus (Princess of Gwydia)
Peter Carrick
Hastings Reign Caledon
Brenna MacGregor (Herb Druid)
Arianne Smith (Architect to the King)
Sabd Black (Head Druid)
Douglas Dana (Trader - Jeremy's Uncle)
Carrick Makenzy
Henry Hastings (Prince)
Marie Hastings (Princess)
Robert Hastings (King)
Isolde Hastings (Queen)
Richard Stewart (Captain of the Guard in Ruc)
Glen Brenner (Stable Master in Hastings)
Donal Morgan (Captain of the Guard in Hastings)