Caledon Player Characters

Caledon a GURPs Fantasy Game

Original Caledon (Games 1 and 2)

Kelsi Ruc - Player: Ronna - Guardian of Dawn Fortress


Caelyn of Stewart - Player: Kim - Black Guard/Psi ("I'm not a Baine"), Order of Magnus  
Alanna Diphor MacThoree (Dana) - Player: Stephen - Healer/Druid (Mother Aspect) (Deceased 2 years ago), Order of Magnus 
Tristan Hadrien - Player: Bernie - Black Guard
William (the Smith) Reid - Player: Mark - Mage/Smith, Order of Magnus, Head of the Smith School of Enchanters
Tal Makinley - Player: Luc - Ex-Baine (Deceased 5 years ago), Order of Magnus 
Leetah - Player: Vanessa - Black Guard (Deceased 5 years ago), Order of Magnus 
Myra - Player: Wendy - Unaffiliated Mage, Order of Magnus 
Allen Aran - Player: Stephan - Bard/Historian, Order of Magnus 
Jesyc - Player: Kim - Baine
Jerett Allanson - Player: Stephen - Druid of the Father
Og - Player: Mark - Fae Warrior, Order of Magnus 
Bryan Mackenzie - Player: Luc - Courrier, Order of Magnus 
Tarizade - Player: Vanessa - Overlord's Hound/Assassian, Order of Magnus 
Laurel McTavish - Player: Kim - Bard/Entertainer, Order of Magnus 
Hastings Reign Caledon
Eirwen Smith - Player: Kim - Precocious Mage and Mana Generator, Holds William's Order of Magnus Ring, and The Book of The Order Of Magnus.
Conor MacNiamh - Player: Stephen - Kings Guard, Holds Tal's Order of Magnus Ring, Sword, and Armour
Jeremy Stewart - Player: Mark - Merchant Guard/Druid, Oath bound to the warrior aspect of the Goddess, 
Cuireadhn O'Niall - Player: Morrigan - Foreign seamstress, and caretaker to a senile dragon/mage