Interpol Sector 51 TimeLine
 Date   Event(s) 
 1910 Robert, and instrument maker, encounters Jane, a jazz musician, in Germany.
 1914 Jane is acting as an informant for the Allies during WWI, popular jazz musician and singer. She is also listed as working as an informant for the British.
July 1920 Jane becomes involved with the Italian mafia in Chicago, as a nightclub performer.
March 1940 The Nazi's found amongst their concentration camps someone who could not be killed. They started experimenting with this person to figure out how and why they couldn't be killed - in hopes to create a super soldier. They also started looking for others. The Nazi's wake a number of Fae and other magical creatures.
June 1940 In 1940 Robert in Germany was forced to leave his antiquities store specializing in musical instruments, and is moved to the Jewish Ghetto.
June 1942 Robert was caught without a passport and imprisoned in Auschwitz.
August 1942 Robert is singled out for magical experimentation when he does not drown during a hypothermia experiment.
October 1942 Robert wakes
October 1944  The Nazi's are trying to hide the existence of the death camps. In desperation the scientists try to either move or destroy the psi-mage prisoners in Auschwitz. 

Robert is left to be destroyed. The Nazi's first gas the psi/mage chambers then light them on fire. Robert survives, and the deaths of the other prisoners give him enough magic to partially change and 
break out. 

Robert goes after his captors, he stops the convoy by the front gate, grabs the lead scientist - Ludwig Vicher. He is found, by Nazi's, eating Visher in an empty troop truck. He is shot by Nazi soldiers multiple times, and leave the body in the bushes.
November 1944 Robert is found by a British military force and he is transferred to a British Red Cross unit.
Ryan Stewart contacts Robert - and the truth of the Nazi experiments comes to light. Robert ID's other awake Fae creatures, which Ryan and Karey start looking for.
1945 The end of world war II and the creation of the United nations - those who were awakened kept their abilities hidden and most became active in the UN. They also started working together to find a way to break the veil between this world and the faerie realms, and bring magic back to the world.
Robert participates as a witness in the Nuremberg trials. 
Ryan, and Robert are part of the group that brings forward the proposal of a UN security force to help enforce the UN laws signed by the member countries - the International Policing Organization - IPO commonly know as Interpol.
January 1946 Interpol is set up as a military/policing organization to enforce UN laws (unlike the real world). Many of the wakened psi/magical people become operatives or directors for periods of time.
August 1949 Robert joins Interpol.
November 5, 1990 Ken Miller Born to Irma and Ladyn Miller in Dallas Texas.
September 17, 1991 Lisa Samuels born in Witchita Kansas. To Allison and Justin Samuels.
August 8, 1992 Castor Northpoint (North) born to to Karla and Luke Northpoint in Boston.
August 26, 1993 Jonathan David Lamond born in Witchita Kansas, to Rachel-Anne Lamond, no father listed.
February 16, 1995 Tasha Jade (TJ) Munroe in Belfast, Ireland.
November 12, 1995 Kameron Wolf (oldest son of Kenneth's second wife) born in London to Kenneth and Evangeline Wolf.
November 1998 IS51 (Interpol section 51) is created to investigate the human rights violations by the Orientani regime which has just taken over China. 
Robert Stewart (aka Ryan Stewart) is made IS 51 director.
May 1999 IS 51 find the head of the Orientani is a high powered mage who is gaining his power via vampirism and human sacrifice (specifically those with magic and psi).

IS 51 comes to suspect that the Orientani have control of a magical focus where the lock has crumbled, leaking mana into the world.
June 3 1999 Bryce Leviathan born to Bethany and Christopher Leviathan in LA.
August 1999 Falcon Industries begins.
September 1999 Kenneth Wolf and his family move to Chicago, USA.
April 2000 Jane, under the name Natalie Grainger, is working for M15 as part of one of their psi/mage groups, most of her missions were in India spying against the Orientani.
October 2000 Increase in Magic/Psi levels in the world. IS 51 suspects another mana sink has been destroyed.
November 2000 The veil starts to slowly crumble and magic/psi becomes a reality for the world to deal with. The UN drafts laws about the appropriate use of magic/psi .
December 2000 Robert joins IS 51 becoming directing Canada, Britain, Southern Australia and the US (until the Anti-psi laws were passed).
December 7, 2002 Franklin Gavin Norris (Ghost) born to Charlette and Phillip Norris in Burnaby (BC, Canada).
July 2003 Campaign for Psi rights in Canada starts.
August 2005 Kameron's family moves from Chicago to New York, so his mother can be closer to her family.
March 2006 The US adopts the Salem doctrine which requires the testing of all citizens and 
requires state training of any psis and magically active people.
To protect his family from being identified as mages, Kenneth (now running organized crime in the eastern states) has blood samples from each family member switched with a non-psionic sample. Kenneth also places permanent hide aura and anti-detection knack tattoos on each of his children.
Lisa Samules was turned into the government as an, as dangerous untested, and untrained Psi, by Brad Macintosh
Jonathan's shadow form manifests, he is trapped in that form for a week before figuring how to change back.
June 2006 Ken was tested by the US government in accordance to the new Salem law, and was found to be highly psionic.
September 2006 Ken is placed in a "school for the gifted" where his talents in healing were developed.
Lisa Samuels mother was killed execution style by the local mafia. Jonathan finds her body
October 2007 TJ becomes more involved in the Ulster Defence League and her grades become erratic, and her powers emerge.
September 2008 Ken starts his pre-med program at Cornell University.
April 2009 Ghost runs away to the Vancouver streets, end's up working as a child prostitute.
November 2009 TJ first gains the attention of the police, with a couple of arrests for disturbing the peace and carrying a concealed weapon.
May 2010 Psi rights are constitutionalized in Canada.
June 2010 North Joins the US army and is trained as a VTOL pilot.
July 2010 Jonathan's mother is diagnosed with brain cancer 
Jonathan performs his first B&E. $200,000 stolen from the mayor, plane tickets to Saint Louise and surgery for his mother purchased.
Kenneth introduces Kameron to the Family Business.
August 2010 Jonathan recruited by the mayor to acquire various items and information.
October 2010 After the death of three hundred children in a fire at Henderson high school in Texas that was caused by a unregistered Psi, the Henderson Law is passed. It allows segregation of psi/magic persons on special reserves. It also allows any psi/mage caught misusing their power to be imprisoned after the first offence. IS 52 starts quietly helping psi/mages leave the USA.
The USA sets up a national agency to bring in rogue psi-mages - called the Red Hand by the media.
February 2011 Robert encounter's Ghost late one night in a Vancouver Café.
March 2011 China invades Japan after withdrawing from the UN - The USA (a neutral party) withdraws it's military troops from Japan, but does not get involved. Japan falls within two years. The UN forces get involved - among them IS 51.
July 2011 South America starts becoming the place where spy games are played between the Orientani, the UN allies, and the USA.
Jonathan's mother's dementia returns, he spends his remaining money to put her in a home in Topeka Kansas.
August 2011 Ghost is hospitalized. Robert offers Ghost an IS 51 position, and transferees him to IS 51 Brazeau River Base.
Bryce Leviathan's parent split.
October 2011 TJ begins to rebel against her father's wishes due to the influence of her boyfriend she decided to leave home and attend school in Dublin.
November 2011 Two of Kameron's cousins, his cousin's new wife his girlfriend, his aunt, his uncle, and his best friend were gunned down at a wedding in Chicago. 
Although Kameron could have healed them, his father forbade him to do anything (least the family magic became know). Kameron vowed that no one he could save would ever die again.
January 2012 The members of the UN declared War against the Orientani regime (the official start of WWIII).
Assassination of IRA member Glen Adams. TJ is present, but not involved in the assassination.
April 2012 A third magic sink is upset, causing the veil between the worlds to collapse a bit more. 
May 2012 The Victoria Station bomb goes off prematurely (TJ's interference) at the subway station, one night watchman is killed.
June 2012 Ken receives his pre-med degree in Cybernetic Engineering from Cornell University.
August 2012 Jonathan frames the mayor and his son for the killing of the local mafia boss, and sent the FBI information as to where the Mayor kept all of his records and all of his blackmail files. Both the mayor and his son were killed by the mob before they made it to trial.
September 2012 Kameron applied to the University of Toronto.
Ken starts his medical degree at Harvard.
December 2012 North earns computer science degree.
January 2013 North meets Ninita while on assignment in Argentina.
China invades Northern Russia (namely Siberia).
March 2013 The Chinese attacked in 2013 the war is fierce and Russia holds out for a very long time before being over run.
April 27, 2013 Assassination in Ireland fails. The UDF cell, led by TJ's brother were killed by the police. TJ's efforts to stop the attempted assassination were too late. 

TJ contacts the police and turns over her evidence in return for clemency from the Crown. 

TJ finds out from a cousin that the team was set up by an informer. She goes to the safe house to avenge her brother and looses control of her power, which starts a fire that engulfs the building, resulting in three deaths. 

TJ immediately flees Ireland, crossing the North Channel into Scotland and going south into France. Loosing her pursuit in Europe.
June 2013 North transfers to the US Embassy in Argentina.
October 2013 North marries Ninita.
TJ narrowly evades capture in Hamburg.
November 2013 China invades the southern part of Asia.
March 2014 Bryce's abilities manifest, and he joins a local street gang and spends the next 5 years as an enforcer.
August 2014 After falsifying records and documents, and assuming the identity of 'TJ' Munroe, she moves to Canada. She settles in Montreal and enrolls in McGill University in the engineering department.
September 2014 Jonathan hires a Chicago PI to look for information on Lisa.

The PI who had been hired by Jonathan was killed by the Red Hand in New York while tracking down a lead.
November 13, 2014 North's daughter Sharissa is born.
February 2015 China invades India and Pakistan. The commonwealth countries get involved in the fight.
April 2015 Jonathan turns up under the name of James Morton - a well to do socialite and a spy for hire. Again he was looking into Lisa's disappearance..
North's psionic abilities manifest.
January 2016 North meets Peter Baines.
February 2016 Jonathan meets a man who had seen Lisa in 2006 at the government training facility, but he didn't know what had become of her, as he had only been the janitor.
Ken starts making very discreet inquiries about leaving the US. Ryan finds out through the UN about Ken and arranges to get him out of the US officially.
May 2016 Kameron receives his pre-med degree in Psychology.
June 2016 China invades the Balkans and the European Union gets involved.
July 2016 Lisa Samuel is officially listed as missing by the Red Hand.
August 2016 Peter's team picks up Ken at the UN embassy in the states.
Ken is transferred to Brazeau River Base for training.
September 2016 Kameron applied and was accepted into McGill to study medicine.
North Contacts Peter about leaving the US service
Ken transfers his medical degree to UBC in order to finish it.
January 2017 North flies to the nearest UN base after a premonition that the US has taken his wife and his daughter, and will arrest him for being an unregistered psi.
An IS 51 team is dispatched to find North's family but they fail.
North is sent for assessment and training to Brazeau River Base.
Jonathan drops out of the social scene
February 2017 Brazeau River Base's mainframe gains sentience, due to contact with North.
The base is closed down and a team (which includes North) is sent into purge the system of the AI.
North is restricted from having regular contact with any system linked computers.
March 2017 India and Pakistan fall to the Orientani.
June 2017 Ken finishes his medical degree.
September 2017 North and Ken are assigned to team 052.
March 23, 2018  I.S.A. (North's VTOL) became sentient.
April 2018 IS 51 team 067 starts working with a undercover group of M15 agents in Western Russia, among them Jane Grey.
September 2018 Kameron meets Sean and TJ..
October 2018 The Balkans fall, Poland then become the next fighting ground.
December 2018 Information that North's his wife and child are believed dead based on DNA found at a mass grave cremation comes to North via Peter.
January 2019 Jonathan spends much time traveling and working as a thief for his own ends. He amasses large amounts of cash in various overseas bank accounts - IS 51 suspects there are more accounts then can be traced.
April 2019 TJ completed her engineering degree with a double major in Robotic and Cybernetics at McGill.
July 2019 China invades the Middle East, The USA fearing the loss of it's oil reserves, finally gets involved, but keeps it's involvement separate from the UN.
September 2019 LA Food Riots.
Bryce is involved in the death of an LAPD officer.
October 2019 Jonathan makes arrangements with a lawyer to hold 100K in trust in Topeka to take care of his mother for the rest of her life. She has degenerated to the point of not knowing those around her - or remembering her past.
December 2019 Bryce joins IS 51, and is trained at Brazeau River Base.
February 2020 Team 067 and it's related M15 operatives are ambushed on a meet in Western Russia. Most of the operatives are killed in the ambush, Jane takes a mortal wound which causes her to briefly waken. With the power in the area she manages to suck the life from everything in the area except Mathew and Khristan - who are protected by a magic dome that Khristan erects. 
Team 052 find Jane's body, Mathew and Khristian in a warehouse in which nothing is alive (not even the insects). They make their way out to the pickup point but are ambushed again at their retrieval site.

Ken, North, Richard, Mathew (who looses a leg) and Khristan make it out alive. They bring out Jane's body with them (as per orders).

Team 052 has lost 4 members
Team 067 has lost 5 members
All of the M15 team is listed as dead
The last of Western Russia falls to the Orientani
March 2020 Jane awakes with her memory had been damaged. M15 lacks the resources to spend time trying to help her regain her memories and skills, thus they plan to retire her. IS51 requests her, and she is transferred to their care.
May 2020 TJ completes one year of her Masters program.
An assassin is sent to kill Kameron in his dorm room, but he and Sean managed to fight back subduing their would be attacker. TJ came upon them as they were removing the unconscious body. Sean explains to TJ what happened while Kameron kills the assailant in another location. 

A second attempt is made on Kameron's life when the three friends were out to dinner. Kameron is removed from the restaurant under threat to his friends. TJ follows out the kitchen entrance and stumbles across a demon fighting with an unknown entity. She follows the car Kameron is being held in to a residence and used her powers to create a distraction, allowing Kameron to escape. 

They retrieved Sean and making a quick decision Kameron suggests they abandon their dorms for a summer trip through the US…. Figuring it was a quick way to keep them all on the move until things quieted down a bit.

In New York Kameron, TJ, and Sean stay at Kam's father's estate for the night. Then they travel south and around the eastern seaboard for the next month.

In New York TJ, withdrawing some money using her powers, trips the US Psi 
recognition system - this gets the Red Hand on their tail.
June 2020 While in Philadelphia TJ, Kameron, and Sean are filmed in a altercation in a 
restaurant, both Kameron and TJ are seen using their abilities. At this time the trio came to the attention of IS 51 who dispatched two operatives to pick them up. 

In New Orleans the IS 51 operatives nearly made contact, but now paranoid of the two other groups that were following them (The Red Hand and Those wanting to kill Kameron), the trio slipped off and make their way towards Texas.

At a roadside café in Texas the Red Hand caches up with TJ, Kam and Sean. In a shoot out reminiscent of the old west they barely escaped with the help of the IS 51 agents (who arrived on scene just after the Hand moved in). 

They were moved to a motel where they were healed and given the offer to join the service of IS 51 or to be left at the motel to their own devices. All of them agree to this out (albeit some more reluctantly than others). 

They are transferred to IS 51 Brazeau River Base and commence training mid June.
July 2020 The Orientani attack on New Zealand begins.
The Division leaders decide to move Ken into a teaching position at IS 51 Brazeau River Base upon his request. Richard is assigned to team 067 under Mathew, and North is given the order to create a new team (098) from the operatives available at IS 51 Brazeau River Base.
Jonathon decides to make a heist at the diamond show in LA.
August 2020 After a successful heist Jonathan is contacted by Shae Kennedy an IS 51 informant living in the USA. Jonathan is offered a position with IS 51 which he accepts.

Jonathan is assigned to IS 51 Brazeau River Base for assessment. His IS 51 training contact is Van Jeffries. Jonathan's abilities and experience allow him to be quickly placed in team 098. 
IS 51 Team 098 formed
North - Team leader
TJ and Jonathan start a physical relationship.
Their first assignment to rescue Kevin Samuels was completed successfully by team 098.
Team 098 starts to set up a cell in Vancouver.

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