Interpol Sector 51 Personal Files



Jonathan David Lamond

August 26, 1993



Black Hair
Green Eyes
Always Well Dressed, Handsome
Has fae blood far back in his past (at least five generations back if not more)

MetaPhysical Abilities
Shadow Form
Independent Shadow

United Nations

Cultural Heritage
American - Irish

IS 51

  Born on August 26 1993 in Wichita Kansas, 9lbs 4 oz, 19" long (small baby), to Rachel-Anne Lamond, no father listed.

Jonathan spent his early years in a bad neighbourhood in a small two bedroom house built back in the 1940's. Living next door was Lisa Samuels two years older than him. She was a strong psionic and was to be moved out of the states by IS 51 by the age of 15. Lisa and Jonathan played together a lot since they lived next door and their mothers where good friends. Lisa was like a sister to him.

His mother worked as a cashier at the local Piggly Wiggly and Lisa's mom worked in the bakery after hours, they would trade off watching the children. As children Lisa was always finishing peoples sentences for them especially his. In 2000 (age of 7) Lisa's telekinesis manifested to a greater extent and she was said to have cryo/pyro/and the various psychokinetic abilities.

When Lisa was 14 she was turned into the government as an, dangerous untested, and untrained Psi, by Brad Macintosh (15 yrs old) - the local mayor's son. Jonathan was prreseeent when Lisa was taken (and tried to help her escape) and this event seems to have shaped much of his life's path since.

The stress of this event may have triggered Jonathan's abilities to manifest early. He first used his shadow ability to elude some school bullies. And for a short time got trapped in shadow form, his mother and the authorities felt he may have run away in reaction to his best friend being taken - however after a week he managed to regain his form. His mother helped him protect his new-found ability.

6 months after Lisa's disappearance Lisa's mother was killed execution style by the local mafia for the debts she incurred trying to obtain Lisa's release. Jonathan was the one to find her body; and only he and his mother attended the funeral.

At 17 Jonathan's mother contracted what was thought to be brain cancer (Actually the onset of progressive fae dementia brought on by lack of mana - As only 1/16th fae she will live out her life with her mind partially between this realm and the fae realm). They could not afford to get the believed cancer treatment. To raise the funds to cure his mother Jonathan performed his first B&E. Stealing $200,000 from the mayor's house he bought plane tickets to Saint Louise and paid for his mother's surgery. They returned to Wichita after the surgery, where the mayor (on the take with the mob) recruited Jonathan to acquire various items and information he wanted.

After a year of working for the mayor, his mother's dementia returned, he spent his remaining money to put her in a home in Topeka Kansas (where she had grown up).

During his work for the mayor he learned to use a gun and all about security systems. He eventually framed the mayor and his son for the killing of the local mafia boss, and sent the FBI information as to where the Mayor kept all of his records and all of his blackmail files. Both the mayor and his son were killed by the mob before they made it to trial.

In 2014 he hired a Chicago PI to look for information on Lisa. The Red Hand had cleaned all traces of Lisa's existence. The PI who had been hired was killed by the Red Hand in New York while tracking down a lead.

A year later (2015) Jonathan turned up under the name of James Morton as a well to do socialite and a spy for hire. Again he was looking into Lisa's disappearance, 2016 he met a man who had seen Lisa in 2006 at the government training facility, but he didn't know what had become of her, as he had only been the janitor.2017 Jonathan drops out of the social scene 2019 Jonathan spends much time traveling and working as a thief for his own ends.

He makes arrangements with a lawyer to hold 100K in trust in Topeka to take care of his mother for the rest of her life. She has degenerated to the point of not knowing those around her - or remembering her past.

2020 Jonathon decides to make a heist at the diamond show in LA after which he is contacted by Shae Kennedy an IS 51 recruiter living in the USA. He is assigned to IS 51 Brazeau River Base for assessment. His abilities and experience allow him to be quickly placed in team 098. His IS 51 training contact is Van Jeffries. (he still keeps the birth certificate and photo's of Lisa and him as kids.)
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