Interpol Sector 51 Personal Files



Tasha Jade (TJ) Munroe

 February 16, 1995



Height: 167.5 cm
Weight: 59.85 kg
Natural Hair Colour: Medium Brown
Eye Colour: Green
Distinguishing Marks: Scar, upper left side, 7.3 cm long

MetaPhysical Abilities
Displays a full range of Electrokinese abilities with a considerable power range, but with varying levels of skill. Beth was most interested and less frightened of her cyberpsi power, which it is why she is the most proficient at it. Due to her limited control with her ability to attack with lighting and a previous loss of control with the power, she is very reluctant to use it. 
She will need considerable training to become competent with all abilities.

United Nations

Cultural Heritage
 Irish - Protestant

IS 51

Known Aliases: Caroline Webster; Kaarina Wiese; Elaine Perrot
Affiliations: Ulster Defense League

Early history is unremarkable, except for evidence to indicate involvement in various levels of political activism at a young age as part of the familial unit. TJ showed steady progress in early education, finishing consistently in the top quarter of her grade, until age twelve when grades become erratic; mostly due to greater involvement in the Ulster Defense League when she became an active member in her father's cell. It was also at this time her power emerged, though she managed to keep it a secret from everyone. 

In the next five years, TJ first gains the attention of the police, with a couple of arrests for disturbing the peace and carrying a concealed weapon. Though she is suspected in other crimes those were the only ones she was arrested for, the police not having sufficient evidence. Sentencing was reduced to community service, due to her being a minor. 
It is notable, that in this period TJ begins to rebel against her father's wishes. At age sixteen, due to the influence of Michael Bennett, her boyfriend at the time she decided to leave home and attend school in Dublin. It was from that time she began collecting the evidence that was eventually turned over to the Belfast police and used to break her father's cell and convict several key figures in the UDF. TJ also tried to convince her brother to come with her and stop him from participating in the UDF. She was unaware of the depth of his involvement, as indicated by the assassination of IRA member Glen Adams to which she was present, but not involved in, as first assumed. After the Victoria Station bomb went off prematurely, which we now know is due to TJ's interference, XXXX stop confiding to his daughter. She was unaware of the planned assassination of then XXXXXXXXXXXX until the night of the attempt. Her efforts to stop it were too late. TJ then contacted the police and turned over her evidence in return for clemency from the Crown. Before she turned herself in, she was contacted by a cousin with information that XXXX's team was setup by an informer. Having obtained the location of the safe house TJ went there with the intent of avenging her brother. We now know, as was suspected, she lost control of her power and started a fire, which engulfed the building before it could be evacuated resulting in three deaths. She immediately fled the country, crossing the North Channel into Scotland and going south into France. In the follow two years, TJ lost her pursuit in Europe after narrowly evading capture in Hamburg. She spent most of the time in France and Germany. It was during this time that she learned to hide her accent, by attending drama lessons. 
After falsifying records and documents, she assumed the identity of 'TJ' Munroe and moved to Canada. She settled in Montreal and enrolled in McGill University in the engineering department. She completed her engineering degree with a double major in Robotic and Cybernetics. She completed one year of her Masters program when an attempt was made on her friend, Kameron Wolf's life in late May 2020 (see file Wolf, Kameron). Kameron and Sean Frasier (see file Frasier, Sean) manage to subdue the assailant, who broke into their dorm room. TJ lived across the hall and was aware of the altercation. The assailant was later killed by Kameron and left in another location. A second attempt was made when the three friends went out to dinner. Kameron was removed from the restaurant under threat to his friends. TJ followed out the kitchen entrance and stumbled across a demon fighting with an unknown entity (see file #864D15). She followed them to a residence and used her powers to create a distraction to which allowed Kameron to escape. They retrieved Sean and fled to New York to visit Kameron's father, NY mobster Kenneth Wolf. After an overnight stay, they moved on through New York City. It was then that TJ used her power to rob an ATM and set the Red Hand on them. They kept on the move, but run into the Red Hand in Philadelphia and escape only by using their abilities and further exposing themselves. IS 51 dispatched two operatives to pick them up. Operatives almost succeed in making contact, but now paranoid of the two other groups that were following them, the trio was spooked into flight again. In early June, The Red Hand and state troopers caught the three at a roadside diner. They barely managed to escape with the assistance of the IS 51 agents. TJ reluctantly agreed to join SI 51 in exchange for amnesty, but remains uncommitted to the agency and a high flight risk. 
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