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Kameron Wolf

 November 12, 1995



165 lbs 
A light frame but muscular enough to be attractive.
Inky black hair, slightly wavy, just past his shoulders usually tied back.
Black eyes
Life like small dragon tattoo stretched & curled across his upper back, it's cold to the touch, and is a messenger/protector that can come to life either by his father's command or when he's in danger.
On the inside of his upper left thigh Kameron has a false aura knack tattoo, and on the right he has a conceal magic tattoo both are Gaelic inscriptions.
Kameron is very Vain about his looks and his dress. He is very physically handsome, but tends to smoke, drink and womanize a bit to much to be more then superficially attractive.

MetaPhysical Abilities
Magical Abilities
Blood Magic
Demon Summoning

Psionic Abilities

United Nations

Cultural Heritage

IS 51

 Kameron in the oldest son of Kenneth and Evangiline Wolf (Kenneth's second wife). He was born in London and then was moved when he was 4 to the USA. His father trained him in blood magic from the time he was born, but Kameron's talents and passion lay in healing. When he was 11 the Salem law was passed, but to protect his family from being identified as mages Kenneth (now running organized crime in the eastern states) had blood samples from each family member switched with a non-psionic sample. Since then he has slowly given permanent hide aura and anti-detection knack tattoos to each of his children. Kenneth introduced Kameron to the Family Business' at the age of 15. At first Kameron took to the work he enjoyed the power and the life of a rich playboy, Kenneth started grooming him to take over the business. Late in his 16th year two of his cousins, his cousin's new wife his girlfriend, his aunt, his uncle, and his best friend were gunned down at a wedding. Although Kameron could have healed them his father forbade him to do anything (least the family magic became know). Kameron vowed that no-one he could save would ever die again, and against his father's wishes he stopped working towards taking over the family business. Kameron turned around his school marks and applied to the University of Toronto (2012, at 17yrs old) where he completed a pre-med degree in Psychology (2016). During those years his father attempted to bribe, threaten, blackmail, or cajole Kameron back. Kameron neatly slipped each of his father's attempts. When Kameron applied and was accepted into McGill (2016) for medicine his father finally relented…. And decided to finally support Kameron in his endeavors (at least monetarily). In McGill Kameron met his roommate Sean and they became friends though being complete opposites their friendship is regularly strained. Kameron also met TJ who was in the same dorm as they were. 
Just after the end of winter session someone tried to kill Kameron in his dorm room, and he and Sean managed to fight back subduing the would be attacker. TJ came upon them as they were removing the unconscious body. Sean explains to TJ what happened while Kameron move the body to another location and kills the assailant (unbeknownst to the other two). 
A second attempt is made on Kameron's life when the three friends were out to dinner the next week. Kameron is removed from the restaurant under threat to his friends. TJ follows the car Kameron is being held in to a residence and uses her powers to create a distraction, allowing Kameron to escape. 
They retrieved Sean and making a quick decision Kameron suggested that they abandon their dorms for a summer trip through the US…. Figuring it was a quick way to keep them all on the move until things quieted down a bit. In New York they stayed at his father's estate for the night - Where Kameron and Kenneth got into another row about the business. They traveled south and around the eastern seaboard for the next month. In New York TJ had withdrawn some money using her powers and tripped the US Psi recognition system - which got the Red hand on their tail. In Philly they got into a skirmish in a restaurant and both Kameron and TJ were seen using their abilities. By this time they came to the attention of IS 51 who dispatched two operatives to pick them up. In New Orleans the IS 51 operatives nearly made contact, but this handful of three - now paranoid of the two other groups that were following them (The Red Hand and Those wanting to kill Kameron) - slipped off and made their way towards Texas. At a roadside café the Red Hand caught up with them, and in a shoot out reminiscent of the old west they barely escaped with the help of the IS 51 agents (who arrived on scene just after the Hand moved in). They were moved to a motel where they were healed and give the offer to join the service of IS 51 or to be left at the motel to their own devices. All of them agree to this out (albeit some more reluctantly than others). They are all told that they can not contact their family - since it's likely that both the Hand and those gunning for Kam will be watching their loved ones. Kameron doesn't feel this as a loss. They are transferred to IS 51 Brazeau River Base and commence training (Mid June 2020). As the realization of the realities of IS 51 hit him Kameron moves to smoking, drinking and womanizing to deal with his feelings that he maybe no better off her then working for his father. Presently he prefers to work overseas front line missions, and they have started training him for that. In the mean time he has been assigned to team 098. Their first mission to rescue Kevin Samules sort of knocks a bit of reality back into Kameron as he realizes that IS 51 work truly has a different set of people and morals then working for his father did. He also realizes that if he is going to hold close to the vow he made himself when he was 16 he'd have to kick some of his bad habits & start taking better care of himself.
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