Interpol Sector 51 Personal Files



Bryce Leviathan

 June 3, 1999



230 lbs (Heavier then average build)
Short Brown Hair usually dyed electric blue and done in a Mohawk.
Green Eyes.
Pierced tongue.
Serpent tattoo on his right upper arm (his old gang symbol)

MetaPhysical Abilities
Weapons Talent (can use anything as a weapon)
Combat Talent (+1 to all combat skills, can learn any combat (or martial arts) style by watching someone else for the length of one set of moves - can pick up partial styles)
Combat induced Adrenaline kick (Hyper combat reflexes & High pain threshold while in combat)

United Nations

Cultural Heritage

IS 51

 Born in the poor end of LA to Bethany and Christopher Leviathan, Bryce spent his early years roaming the streets of his neighborhood. When he was ten his father lost his job at a gas station. With the stress of their change in circumstances his father started drinking and his mother (still working at a theater) spent less and less time at home. The drinking eventually lead to abuse and Bryce turned to the streets… eventually his mother left with Bryce (now 12) and the two of them got a cheap apartment in an even poorer section of LA. Bryce's teen age years were spent trying to stay away from gang violence, but when he was 15 he got into a fight with a ganger…. The onlookers were very impressed with his skill and eventually bullied & bribed him into joining a gang. He spent the next 5 years as an enforcer and he managed to get a better place for him and his mother. When the LA food riots broke out in 2019 Bryce found himself in the middle of it and his gang fighting for more then their share got caught on camera killing a cop. IS 51 found Bryce hiding out from the LAPD. Their agent realized that Bryce's fighting abilities far exceeded his years or training and offered him a IS 51 position as well as a way out of his predicament. Bryce jumped at the chance. He started training at IS 51 Brazeau River Base late in December 2019. August 2020 Bryce was sent on a mission to retrieve Kevin Samules as part of a team 098 headed by Caster Northpoint.
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