Interpol Sector 51 Personal Files



Jane Grey (aka Natalie Grainger)




Hair: Grey
Eyes: Grey
Skin: caucasian (very pale)
Height: 5'8
Weight: 120 lbs
Comments: Jane casts no shadow and has no reflection.

MetaPhysical Abilities
Psionic Abilities
Telepathy (seeker type abilities only)

Fae Abilities
Devitalize Air

Languages: Irish Gaelic, Modern French, German,

Preferred Weapons: Daggers, swords (esp. rapiers, sabers), poison, pistols

Other skills: Over the many years, Jane has played most instruments popular
in Central Europe. She is a competent singer in several styles, including
opera. She has numerous artistic abilities (drawing, painting, dancing (formal, European folk and various "ethnic" styles, swing, etc.))

United Nations

Cultural Heritage

IS 51

 Date of Birth Unknown
Jane was in Germany just before World War I as a Jazz singer.
1990-2020: Natalie Grainger. 
From 1998 to February 2020 she worked for M15 as part of one of their psi/mage groups, most of her missions were in India spying against the Orientani until 2017. 
Her last mission was in Western Russia with other operatives from M15 along with one team from IS51 (067). There was an information leak of some kind, and they were cornered in a warehouse by Orientani. They were under heavy assault, mundane, magic and psionic by a superior number, Most of the operatives are killed in the ambush, Jane takes a mortal wound which causes her to briefly waken. With the power in the area she manages to suck the life from everything in the area except Mathew and Khristan - who are protected by a magic dome that Khristan erects.
Team 052 find Jane's body, Mathew and Khristian in a warehouse in which nothing is alive (not even the insects). They make their way out to the pickup point but are ambushed again at their retrieval site.
Ken, North, Richard, Mathew (who looses a leg) and Khristan make it out alive. They bring out Jane's body with them (as per orders).
When she awoke, her memory had been damaged, and M15 planned to retire her, lacking the resources to spend time trying to help her regain
her memories and skills, if it was even possible. IS51 requested that she
be transferred to their care, and she has been with them since.
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