Interpol Sector 51 Personal Files



Ken Miller

November 5 1990



175lbs Medium build, Athletic
Short Brown Hair, conservative cut
Hazel Eyes

MetaPhysical Abilities
Psionic Abilities

United Nations

Cultural Heritage

IS 51

 Born to Irma and Ladyn Miller in Dallas Texas.
Ken spent his early years growing up on his parents ranch out side Dallas.
At the age of 16 Ken was tested by the US government in accordance to the new Salem law, and was found to be highly psionic. He was placed in a "school for the gifted" where his talents in healing were developed. He was 'looked after' particularly carefully due to his extreme abilities. While going through university to get his MD, he realized he would not be allowed to heal those who most needed his help (the poor). He started making very discreet inquiries about leaving the US. Ryan finds out through the UN about Ken and arranges to get him out of the US officially. August 2017 Peter's team picks up Ken at the UN embassy in the states.
He is trained at Brazeau River Base. While training Ken takes up the task of watching any agents or trainees that regularly use drugs. His training goes quickly and he is placed on team 052. 
June 2018 Ken is made team leader when their former team leader is assassinated .
February 2020 team 052 is making a routine pickup of team 067. 
They find Jane's body, Mathew and Khristian in a warehouse in which nothing is alive (not even the insects). They make their way out to the take off point but are ambushed again at their retrieval site.
Ken, North, Richard, Mathew (who looses a leg) and Khristan make it out alive. They bring out Jane's body with them (as per orders).
Ken, shaken by loosing so many of his people, requests a teaching position; team 052 is disbanded. He is given a teaching position a IS 51 Brazeau River Base, where he befriends TJ, Kam, and Sean.
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