Interpol Sector 51 Personal Files



Castor Northpoint (North)

August 8 1992



165 lbs 
Hair in a buzz cut - color undistinguishable - likely brown or sandy blond.
Blue/Green Eyes.

MetaPhysical Abilities
Psionic Abilities
Cyberpsi - effect causes computers to gain sentience
Battle Precognition
Precognition - Uncontrollable, 1 week into the future max

Undeveloped Techo Mage

United Nations

Cultural Heritage

IS 51

 Born in Boston to Karla and Luke Northpoint. North's father was a military air force pilot. Not surprisingly on his 18th birthday North joined the US army and became a helicopter/VTOL pilot. Over time he earned a Computer science degree - through correspondence, night school, and military courses. In 2013 he was sent on assignment to Argentina and met Ninita. He transferred service to the US Embassy in Argentina and married Ninita later that year. Later the next year (2014) his daughter Sharissa is born. 2016 Peter Baines meet North during one of his missions into South America. Peter realizes that North is a very late onset psionic (at 24 years old) - Peter befriends him and keeps in touch with North. Over the next year North starts having premonitions about leaving - realizing he won't be able to continue hiding this ability from the US military. He contacts Peter about leaving the US service. Over the next few months his premonitions become more vivid, and he comes to realize he won't be able to take his family with him. He arranges with Peter for his family to leave the area by another method. Some how the US military finds out and takes his wife and daughter while he is flying a mission. Realizing this has happened he decides to fly to the nearest UN base. Although a team is dispatched to find North's family they fail to find them (the year is early 2017). North is transferred to the IS 51 Brazeau River Base. In his first month North causes the computer mainframe at the base to gain sentience. After a major effort to shut off the computer and replace any lost data North is barred from using any networked computers. After a few months of training he is assigned to team 052 (which includes Ken - who is to become team leader, and Richard). Early 2018 North's VTOL becomes sentient - he names her ISA. Later that year North receives information from Peter that his wife and child are believed dead based on DNA found at a mass grave cremation. Over the next three years the team successfully completes a number of retrieval assignments in Europe. February 2020 team 052 goes on a mission to retrieve the remaining team members of team 067. They are ambushed at their retrieval point and Ken, North, Richard and two members from team 067 (Mathew and Khristan) make it out alive. The Division leaders decide to move Ken into a mostly inactive position. Richard is assigned to team 067 under Khristian and North is given the order to create a new team (098) from the operatives available at IS 51 Brazeau River Base. He chooses Tasha, Kameron, Sean, Jonathan, Jane (as a favor to Robert), Bryce, and Ghost. He is given the assignment to rescue Kevin Samuels.
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