Interpol Sector 51 Personal Files



Franklin Gavin Norris (Ghost)

December 7 2002



100 lbs Very skinny
Short Brown Hair (average brown/blonde)
- usually slightly long and needing a hair cut
Faded blue eyes - almost white, wears glasses - metal rims
Ghost looks like the typical computer geek

MetaPhysical Abilities
Psionic Abilities
Cyberpsi (only)

United Nations

Cultural Heritage

IS 51

 Born in 2002 to Charlette and Phillip Norris. Phillip was an abusive alcoholic, and Charlette was terrified of him. Ghost was subjected to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hands of his father. At the age of 7 and unable to take anymore ghost ran away to the Vancouver streets where he was quickly picked up by Lorne Jin a local pimp. Ghost spent the next two years as a child prostitute on the Vancouver streets. 2011 Robert ran into him rather accidentally while meeting a Orientani informant late one night in a Vancouver Café. Over the next few months Robert visited Vancouver and Ghost regularly, slowly winning Ghost's trust. After finding Ghost in the hospital after a particularly bad night with a John, Robert offered to get Ghost out of the life - and told him of IS 51. Ghost was suspicious but felt it was better the direction he was heading. He agreed to go with Robert, and was transferred o IS 51 Brazeau River Base where he started to adjust to a more normal childhood. He has come to trust IS 51 Operatives (esp Robert) as if they were parents - but holds no illusions about what his job will be. Currently assigned to team 098.
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