Interpol Sector 51 Personal Files



Jorden Robert Giddeon

July 31 2604 BC



150 lbs
Pale blue gray eyes
Dark hair that has grayed early, leaving him with silvery hair with darker roots (He presently keeps it dyed black - since the silver really stands out).
Pale skin, that looks like it should be prone to sunburns (it's not).

From a distance or at a glace he can look anywhere from his mid thirties to his early fifties - depending on his dress and demeanor. Closer up he looks younger - maybe in his late 20's or early 30's.
He is very handsome, and almost vain about his appearance,
The only things that mar his looks are a brand "36023" burnt into his left forearm, and a tattoo of a blue triangle with a black G on the back of his left hand.

MetaPhysical Abilities
Magical Abilities
High Mage

Fae Abilities
Shape Shift
Recover Mana
Create Ice Fire

United Nations

Cultural Heritage

IS 51

  In 1940 he was in Germany and had an antiquities story specializing in musical instruments... when he got forced into the Jewish Ghettos (because he was a foreigner). In the spring of 1942 he was caught without a passport and imprisoned in Auschwitz. Upon arriving at the prison camp he was identified as having magical potential and singled out for magical experimentation. In the fall of that year he awoke to his identity - his next 3 years were spent in a psychotic haze (wanting desperately to escape the experiments but being unable to shift or spell cast... due to lack of mana etc) . By the end of 1944 the Nazi's are trying to hide the existence of the death camps. In desperation the scientists try to either move or destroy the psi-mage prisoners in Auschwitz. Robert is left to be destroyed....They first gas the psi/mage chambers then light them on fire. Robert not only survives, but the deaths of the other prisoners give him enough magic to partially change and break out (along with any other survivors). He goes after his captors, who have just past the front gate following the psi-mages that were being moved... when he catches up to them he stops the convoy, then he grabs the lead scientist - Ludwig Vicher. He drags him over to a now empty troop truck (the prisoners didn't stick around) that the others were being moved in..... The soldiers following the escapees find him eating Vischer in the troop truck, they shoot him multiple times, and leave the body in the bushes.
   Robert wakes in about two weeks. Human looking, healed, still half mad, and completely awake but unable to cast spells or change shape. He makes his way west... not really thinking about where he's going. A British military force eventually comes across him and he is transferred to a British Red Cross unit.
Ryan Stewart, a high ranking British Intel agent, finds out about Robert and goes to visit him. Robert tells Ryan of the Nazi experiments. So Ryan contacts the others he knows are awake, to find the others that were experimented on (Identified by Robert).
  Robert regains enough of his sanity to participate as a witness in the Nuremberg trials. He is part of the group that brings forward the proposal of a UN security force to help enforce the UN laws signed by the member countries - the International Policing Organization - IPO commonly know as Interpol. Within a year Ryan leaves his service with Britain and starts work with Interpol. Eventually (now awake and much more sane), and many of the other awake psi-mages come to work for Interpol (1950).When Ryan starts IS51 (2000) Robert is among the first group of operatives asked to join.
Over the next few years Robert takes over directing Canada, Britain, Southern Australia and the US (until the Anti-psi laws were passed). He specifically does a lot of work trying to get psi/mage repressive regimes to change (and getting psi/mages out of these regimes). He also tends to deal with a lot of asleep or slowly awakening Fae.
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