Note: these are the same written descriptions that are done for the corresponding player in the Caledon Fantasy section. 

Morrigan Flebotte - Plays Jane Grey. Morrigan is a freelance artist, and desktop publisher. She has roleplayed since high school, and her favourite game is Earthdawn. She, and Kim feed the gaming group on a regular basis (yum!). She always does drawings of her characters, but rarely has time to draw other PCs or NPCs. 


Mark Flebotte - Plays Jonathon Lamond. Mark (Morrigan's husband) owns a oil filtration company, but he was trained as an Aeronautic Engineering technician. He runs a GURPs Cthuhlupunk game, and a GURPs Fantasy campaign. In the past he has run Cthulhu, Morrow Project, GURPs Space and AD&D. He has roleplayed since high school (maybe junior high) and his favourite game (to my knowledge) is Cthulhu. He is a GURPs gearhead, and designs most of the vehicles for my games (as well as his own).


Stephan Cross - Plays Sean Fraser. Stephan is a clerk for the local naval reserve base (for which we bug him mercilessly - naval base in a land locked area - to his credit he's been very tolerant of our jibes). Steve has roleplayed since high school, he's never mentioned to me which game is his favourite. Steve is well known for his GM bribes and bringing drinks (pop, etc.) for the group.... and has earned the good will of the GM for it. 


Kim Nagata - Plays TJ Munroe. Kim is a goldsmith, and works part time for Mark as a quality control tester. She started roleplaying after her University years and before she trained as a goldsmith. She presently runs a In Nomine campaign, but has run a number of campaigns in the past. These campaigns were Robin Hood (run using Pendragon), Robotech - Invid, AD&D, GURPs Fantasy, and Star Wars She has played in a number of campaigns - among them various GURPs games, VTM, Morrow Project, Cyberpunk, Shadow Run, AD&D, Robotech - various versions, Star Wars. She has never mentioned a overall favourite campaign. She regularly, along with Morrigan cooks for the group (Yum! again).


Sue Koziel - The GM. Sue (Me) is a genetics Lab Technician, who lives 4 hours north of her players. She started roleplaying in elementary school, and her favourite game is Kim's Robin Hood campaign, although Vampire: The Masquerade runs a close second. She has played most of the older games.- a side effect of once owning a gaming store. She regularly runs GURPs fantasy, and GURPs cyberpunk/psionics (as her 2020 campaign). She has also run a number of game systems in the past VTM, various GURPs games, Kult, AD&D, D&D, Shadow Run, and Cyberpunk (RTal. version).


Disclaimer: This is Just A Roleplaying Game - Run using GURPs rules.