Jane Grey - Jane is a sleeping fae, who was recently moved from M15 to IS51 after loosing all of her memories during an assignment. She rarely understands modern references and colloquialisms.


Jonathon Lamond - Previous to Jonathon's recent recruitment into IS51 he was a thief who circulated in high society circles. He is knowledgeable about fashion, art, antiques, gems, and other  things valuable in high class society.


Sean Fraser - Formerly a medical student he was recently recruited to IS51, Sean is a reluctant participant in the organization. His family is the most important thing to Sean and he feels cut of from them. 


TJ Munroe - Formerly a student of Engineering, TJ has a varied past. She comes from a family that was active in the ongoing problems in Ireland. She has cut all ties with her family, and is weary of anything that could pull her back into her former lifestyle - Including her involvement in IS51.


Kameron Wolf - NPC. Formerly a medical student, Kam was recently recruited to IS51. His family is mafia and he has tried, unsuccessfully, to cut contact them. He sees IS51 as a way out of the life his father wishes to force him into.


North (Caster Northpoint) - NPC. Before being recruited to IS 51 North was a US military helicopter pilot. He is now the head of Unit 098, which all the PCs are in. He is very no nonsense and worries that his team is to new and untrained to operate effectively, but will do his best in the situation. 


Ghost (Franklin Norris) - NPC. A Cyberpsi who has grown up at the IS51 training centre, he has just turned 18 and was assigned to unit 098. He has an undying sense of humour and regularly plays practical jokes. He is also very curious and tend to spy on anything/anybody he can. He and TJ have become very good friends and regularly  work together. He has promised not to spy on her after she found out his pastime of spying on people at the training base.


Bryce Leviathan - NPC. Formally a LA gang kid, Bryce is the official muscle of the group. He acts like the typical combat monster - but he is actually playing on the stereotype. He respects North, and TJ - since they both seem to understand that there is more to him then just combat - though they never try to force him out of his mold.


Disclaimer: This is Just A Roleplaying Game - Run using GURPs rules